Bunch of Ideas

The beauty of spitballing ideas is that it doesn't matter who says it as long as it's a good idea. I've listed a few of my ideas here with the intention to get the ball rolling on people brainstorming solutions to big problems. Come on, brainstorm with me. Let's fix stuff.

A few of the things I can think of off the top of my head

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Reddit says:

Some of the better Reddit ideas

11/26/23 Regarding the debate between Capitalism, Communism and other economic systems, I don't know all the answers. However, I think the next revolution in economics is creating a viable means of production at home. You want freedom? You want the things you need? You want frivolous items or other human desires? You can get them, but you're going to have to work for them. I'm pretty sure at this point you can DIY basically everything your heart could desire except for a few things here and there which are important to rely on other members of society for (i.e. doctors, lawyers, politicians, true professionals in each field of expertise). In those specific cases, I do not think that Communism is a viable way of getting what you want since it forces those folks to pretend to care about you when really they don't, in fact they don't know you from Adam; if you can think of an ethical better way than Capitalism of motivating them to help you then I still haven't figured that out. But regarding solving the problem of "I need many things to survive and want things to be happy with" Here are several ways of at least starting to go about this:

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