Empath: what it is and what it isn't

Here's something that's not as well known as it should be. My generation, Millenials, had a significant amount of it often called "indigo children" or "sensitives." Still does. According to my estimate as a Green (nature-oriented, herblore-steeped) Witch, I'd say anywhere from 15 to 45% of Millenials overall have some form of psychic ability known as "empathy," which explains why so many of us are known for being caring and considerate, even to the point of excessiveness. The stronger it is, the more noticeable it is. For reasons unknown, gen Z seems to have this going on but at a higher percentage of the population. I'm not sure exactly what the percentage is, mainly because when you're a kid or a teen, it's hard to tell. Since I have been an empath since the day I was born (sigh... it sucks), I know a thing or two about it. Here's what I know.

Empathy definition: the psychic, non-mental-illness-caused ability to feel another person's, area's, or living thing's overall emotion and "vibes" aka "energy." Most humans have this to some extent, but it's usually not noticeable on a conscious level or even subconscious level unless something extraordinary happens. For empaths, depending on the strength of the ability, it usually comes with other symptoms.

Symptoms of significant empathic ability, based on my own personal experiences, YMMV:

It's pretty important to note that historically speaking, most empaths just don't ever mention we have a problem. So the only people who mention they're empathic are the fucking attention-seekers and New Age assholes wanting to be seen as special, and it's not something you want to be seen as or lumped into a movement along with. Social media mommy groups, crystal-loving conspiracy theorists, anyone who thinks that the world owes them something; everything is a good excuse to label yourself as empathic and therefore a victim and therefore not responsible for anything. The only reason I even bothered to put this page up was out of concern for younger generations. Because the instant you mention you're empathic, literally everyone else says "me too! I feel sad when my favorite TV show isn't on! I get used and abused and I'm way too nice! I get psychic visions too! I see vampires in my dreams and they love me! Aren't we special?" and you have to just grit your teeth and go "uh huh." Admittedly there are actually some people out there who really are empathic but to a lesser moderate extent, but they are rare. What's (as mentioned previously) not as rare is the fact that almost every human definitely has a little bit of empathic ability. Therefore, having it at all isn't really that unusual, it's having it interfere significantly with your day-to-day that is.

Not necessarily symptoms of significant empathic ability:

Indicators against having empathic ability:

Where being empathic is actually helpful:

Where being empathic is not helpful:

Empath Wards: try any or all of these. Since most human beings have empathic abilities to some extent, this might help you feel a little better overall. If, however, you notice a significant difference in your quality of life, get serious about finding more empath wards and better ones. Because I haven't found enough myself! 7/9/22 here is a good solution2/2/24 Evidently that didn't work well enough. Yeah, I can't turn this off.

Foods that seem to help if regularly eaten

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