Helpful Books

I know I might have made finding these good books look easy. It was not. Most books in libraries and bookstores on these specific subjects are worthless crap. I'll say that again: worthless crap. And I skimmed or actually (gulp) read (all that time, wasted!) thousands of books of said crap to find these. Explanation of my irritation at bottom of page. 1/14/23 I no longer allow comments on my page due to internet toxicity that has alas, infiltrated Neocities, which I suppose was only a matter of time. Please do give these resources a try in real life if you can. They are the best I found.

Exercise and Fitness

For helping to stay healthy. 1/24/23 Thank you to everyone who got vaccinated and made things safer for everyone. Of course keep your own health situation in mind as to if you prefer to work out in a gym or at home. 9/27/23 Talking to a doctor before starting any new exercise program's a good idea

Off-grid Living Part One

Gardening for Pleasure

DIY and More Off-Grid Stuff

Even More Crafts (new section made 3/30/23)


Small Home Business


Camping, backpacking and wilderness survival

Cleaning and organization

Herbal medicine, medicine, and health


Cookbooks for People Who Really Like to Cook

Fermentation and Homebrew


Stress Relief and Mental Health

My Irritation

Let me explain why so many of these (not the ones listed on this page, other ones of the same overall topic) are a ripoff. Lots of DIY stuff on the shelf starts with the unwritten step, "First, spend a lot of money :) " which makes no sense on two levels. 1. If you're poor, and that's why you're trying to DIY something in the first place, you can't use it. 2. If you're rich enough to afford it, you don't have the time to DIY unless you are also either a. idle rich, or b. retired, in which case you're probably not that able-bodied. So essentially to use a lot of these "helpful" DIY books you have to be rich, have tons of free time, and be able-bodied. You might as well just stick to your day job!

2/9/23 It didn't occur to me to mention the process. I really do read or thoroughly skim anywhere from about 30 to 1000 books before one makes the cut for this list.