There is a solution to every problem, if you are open-minded and courageous enough to search for it. Just don't expect it to be what you expect. Or even necessarily something that you like.

Read at your own risk If Trump hid nuclear launch codes in Mar-A-Lago what else was he up to? Please don't forget to register to vote and encourage others to do so

If you wound up here, you might be looking for solutions to various problems in your life. I can't pretend to have them all but I can at least prove to you that with enough guts and an open mind, you can ask the right questions and find fixes, make-betters, workarounds and maybe even solutions to your problems. If you play or have beaten Dark Souls, then you're in the right place; take that attitude into your ventures on this site and crush your demons. I've provided the tools and ideas for how to make your own tools. This website is not affiliated with the MacGyver TV series. It is, however, inspired by it. Want to spend less money, be more eco-friendly, and become more self-sufficient? You're in the right place. I'm your host, TortillaTortilla (they/them - the Internet Brainwashed Me Into Being Nonbinary, the LGBTQ+ 'evil agenda' is: can we be treated as humans too please?). I've lately realized that the way I communicate on this site can make it seem like I see everyone as my enemy. Nay nay. Most of you readers are cool. I don't have anything against halfway decent human beings. My enemies are in this list and need to be in prison for life or receive the death penalty: Rights. FYI I am neither right nor left wing. You know, if you're cool, then you can disagree with me all you want. As my husband says, we can agree to disagree. But if you've done anything that could be considered a war crime (and if it could be considered one, then it probably is), or just as bad think that kind of thing is okay, yeah get the fuck outta here.

How to use this website: *edit 9/25/22 I'm a firm believer that every human being is their own country and universe. Indeed a unique snowflake (or banana, or pineapple, or pumpkin pie, or... etc., people are unique and weird). Don't destroy the one named "you." Take a good look at who you want to be and what you want, and honor that. Take what you need from this website, adapt or leave the rest. Everything in here is just as applicable to people from other countries as it is the United States, just adapt it for your situation and run with it.* If you want the most impact for the least effort, click the link for "Shopping." Damn I'm proud of it. Also "Helpful Books" and go read or buy them. Over the years those books will repay the initial investment by a lot. Also click the link for lifehacks. Also listen to Stevie Ray Vaughan. Just do it.

5/13/22 Here's a page for making your own baby formula New link for obtaining baby formula White House briefing and the associated web search

Updates are added to this website at least once a month. 11/27/22 It is now Yuletide once more. Here is a nondenominational Winter Solstice tradition I've become quite fond of, if you'd like to take a look 6/15/22 here is a nice wholesome picture book you can buy from people who claim a chunk of the proceeds will go to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine such as Save The Children. It is called Russian Warship, Go Fuck Yourself

Shoutout to Russians and Ukrainian people: most people in the US like you. Just thought you should know that. In fact, the way forward for Russia is actually that Russia's women could create a War of Independence that would put ours to shame. They could collaborate with the men but the women could pull like 70% of the weight. Spread the word, I don't think they realize they have that ability. They'd need to break free of the invisible shackles of Feminism and its doublethink though. Russian women... gosh, terrifying. Anyway, Russians, if you honestly think most of the West hates you like this guy seems to, then you're wrong; very few who have family that (barely) survived WWII are that clueless about trying to survive under a dictatorship. We think Putin and his supporters can eat a bag of dicks though! Just like Xi Jinping and that North Korean tub of lard, and their supporters. I seriously hope that not that many Russians support that shitlord, but who knows, it could be 48% in favor of the guy like we had 48% in favor of (voted for) our orange cheeto (and lots of our Trump lovers changed their tune recently and/or died...). reactions of actual Russians to a picture of Putin put in an elevator. If you are actually in Russia and have a functional brain that doesn't believe Putin's incessant lies, keep your wits about you and may God protect you. Let the rest of the world know how we can help. Same deal for Ukraine, speak up please. Same with China because I honestly can't believe that idiot government doesn't have its fingers in this pie. Plus though the Chinese government is smart, I firmly believe there are smarter people among its anti-CCP civilians. Especially Hong Kongers and the Milk Tea Alliance. 3/27/22 Whoever flies this flag White Blue White, The Flag of Free Russia you are awesome. Dictatorships and Fascists around the world seem to have ignored a very basic idea: Beware the good person who has nothing, or very little, left to lose. FUCK AROUND AND FIND OUT.

So apparently Putin has a coven working for him? Putin's Witches Excellent backdrop for looking at this stupid picture: reading The Witches by Roal Dahl. LOL. I think you should tell all the Christians who support this guy, yeah?

Here is one counterattack from Ukrainian Witches: putin effigy. If I was in a coven I'd reach out to this Ukrainian one and invite them over to visit and meet us, they're cool. Maybe there's a way to contact them and express support? I wish I knew how.

To Israel, from a Sabra from a family that (kind of) survived the Holocaust: Israel joins the Ukrainians now or it is hypocritical, a worm, scum! Apparently they have. A few weeks ago I saw a post on r/Israel that was quickly taken down, about how Israeli military intelligence was training the Ukrainians in military operations and procedure. Hey Russia, that means you lose. Better quit while you're ahead. Or behind, in this case. Heh. I can't corroborate this report but have faith that Ukrainian readers will eventually look into this themselves to ask the Ukrainian army members they know if this really happened, once fog of war lifts. Massacre in Bucha This is another Holocaust. Inglourious Basterds, here we go. Also, I think you should see this 400,000 citizens forcibly relocated from Ukraine to Russia If anyone needs to be going "WTF" about this, most assuredly, it's everyone in Israel. I certainly am. The Syrian White Helmets are helping. Israelis should be helping too.Syrian White Helmets advice for Ukrainians Since evidently its government is so corrupt it's like how ours was under Trump but somehow worse like this it's up to individual Israeli citizens and charity organizations to do things on their own. That said, Israel is not Russia, and this commenter said it better than I could reddit thread

UkraineTakeShelter Website linking up Ukrainian refugees with families willing to host them Found here here is a specific shelter to donate to in Canada for Ukrainian refugees; I hope they're ready for a massive influx of donations Ukrainian Safe Haven and here are photo stories of what World Central Kitchen is doing to help feed Ukrainian refugees WCK Please donate if you can.

You can do a lot more to shut up antivaxxers and antimaskers and other Typhoid Mary-style terrorists than you think. Counterprotests, boycotts, going no-contact, voting in a horde, taking people to court, firing employees at will, using your own ideas to ensure they are brought to justice; if you don't do these things, we'll just see these terrorists continue to be terrorists and kill the innocent. That is what terrorists do. In fact, even if the pandemic ended today, they would continue to terrorize the innocent in some way; they've shown their true colors. They're loyal to Putin and none other. Speaking of loyalty, Russian soldiers disturbed Chernobyl dust I can't honestly believe anyone in their right mind would willingly stay in the Russian Military. Those poor bastards. It's almost like their government is actively trying to kill its own military.

A message from Arnold Schwarzenegger to all Russians Speaking as a descendant of Holocaust survivors, this man is a hero and a legend to me, personally. Watch this video and maybe you'll regain some faith in humans.

2/22/22 I think I made my point with rudeness on this website over the past few years, because that seemed to be the only way to get through to anyone. It's important to me to say that in the past fifteen years in the US, I tried things the other way - polite kindness, the nicest way of pointing out the truth, being overall nice, and it both ruined my life and nearly got me killed. In fact, even showing the slightest bit of kindness or manners as opposed to being on the offensive all the time resulted in same especially in the past few years. Boy did it ever get me taken advantage of, I have seen hell on Earth, and I'm not okay with people telling me that I need to calm down and be more polite when that is the result, motherfucker, I'll be as polite as I can get away with and in my experience that only happens in Japan. However, since it could be distracting from the actual messages I am trying to convey here, I will be un-rude-ing this site gradually over the next few years.. 3/11/22 Also, I feel the need to point out that this is an opinion website. I apologize for having presented too much here as uncontestable fact. Take everything you read on the internet with a salt lick. 5/10/22 Am I the only one wondering why people constantly say "it's not okay to be rude, it's not okay to be mean, it's not okay to be unkind or cruel" and then turn right around and promote that exact kind of behavior by supporting things like conspiracy theories, antivaxx stuff, cancel culture (far right or far left; it's really the same) and -isms? Or worse, just sit down in the middle of the usual cruelty by the aforementioned groups, stick their heads in the sand as these people seriously harm innocent and vulnerable populations particularly children, and go "na na na na let's be nice to everyone and forgive it all, not our problem"? I mean, when is the world finally going to figure out that in situations like this where people are getting victimized kindness to the undeserving is the ultimate cruelty? 6/9/22 Confession: this site was pretty tame until I heard about kids dying from being deliberately exposed to coronavirus. The ugly came out right around then, and believe me, there's more and worse ugly where that came from. I am resolved to be hell on wheels for anyone who hurts a child. Join me?

3/14/22 Just a heads up, now that the right has well and truly canceled itself, the left is going to be extremely proud, loud, and in your face. It's going to double down on Communism, Socialism, censorship, doublethink, doublespeak, and intersectionality. Since extremist believers on both sides are the same in that they use a threat narrative instead of personal merit (and uh, truth) to drive their points home, you can therefore look forward to a few years (or worse, a decade) of the same shit with a different batch of idiots. In fact, now that we've seen support of treason and literal treason on the far right, it won't be too long before we see it on the far left, just as it was once a thing in the Vietnam era with overly-enthusiastic hippies ungrateful for American freedoms. Our way to prevent this is to focus on merit, merit, merit, education, education, education, and science used to determine the truth as opposed to blind belief. If you and I insist on merit, education, and science in every area of our lives from politics to work to home to ourselves to everything else we interact with, we can ensure things are better at least in our spheres of influence.

In the coming few years the only way anything will get better is if the few good people reach across the aisle to one another to collaborate. We're going to see a lot of people from different religions, backgrounds, cultures, and mindsets creaing alliances to get good things done. This is a process I hope to promote as much as possible. Also, in the 2022 election cycle, I heartily recommend mobilizing as many people as possible to do the following: Vote for military veterans who are non-insane Independents, non-insane Democrats, or non-insane Republicans. Research them, scrutinize them, believe nothing, observe all. Primary and primary runoff elections, and local elections are all important too especially because it seems only morons wind up in general elections in November; this is the year to change that. You will need Follow The Money to see where these politicians' hearts really are, and you will need Ballotpedia to see who is running. If you're not sure if/how to register, use Turbovote. Here are other resources. And here is a summary of my political choices and reasons why for Texas. Democracy is on the line, and neither the Communist pigs in the Democrat side nor the Fascist pigs in the Republican side are the answer. The time to mobilize to get people voting - intelligently and fully informed - in all elections is now. Register to vote, preferably by mail, for all elections this year (and in states like Texas this year you need to print and mail the request form yourself since they're "out of paper" plus probably enclose a photocopy of your passport or valid ID of some other sort, front and back and their deadline for receiving ballot requests is February 18), confirm your registration and that you will be getting a ballot by mail, research candidates, once you figure out who you're voting for and why tell everyone you know, and help them all get registered and a mailed out ballot too. Upon getting the mailed ballot immediately fill and mail it in. Optionally get directly involved with the election campaign of someone you really want to support. This should maximize your impact. You know how 2020's election cycle had a really big turnout? It's small peas compared to what we have to do to defend democracy this year. Promote voting, get people off their asses, get everyone you know who doesn't give a damn or regularly vote to vote. Or we might not have a democracy in 2023. I'm not kidding, this place could start to look like China. And remember, vote with your dollars, with your work, and with your presence. Don't pay assholes, don't work for assholes, and don't spend your precious time with assholes. Other people and causes need you more, so don't waste your resources and power. You do have a voice, you do have a choice, you do have more control than you think. And for those of you who aren't totalitarian pieces of shit who want to protect your families, now is the time to get a concealed carry license, weapons training, and possibly a career in the military or the cops. No other training actually works, sorry.

Well, you did it, antivaxxers. The United States now has a culture and ethical values that match Israel's. 1 out of every 500 of us is now deadsource 3/29/22 one million dead out of a population of about 330 million is about 1 out of every 300 of us source and that matches up with Israel's little 'everyone in this country either lost someone directly to war or the Holocaust, or loves someone who lost someone' problem. We are now on constant alert against terrorism, everyone is now suffering from different degrees of PTSD, even the most pacifist person is now making plans for self-defense, and it is now a Spartan culture where people swear, drink, are rude, go to extremes, and have absolutely zero tolerance for bullshit. It's not the US anymore culturally, you can call it Israel 2. Congratulations. Compare and contrast r/Israel's Top Posts with how your friends and family in the US are acting. Now both countries are full of people that are like honey badgers on crack. You know what this place used to be like? A place where instead of tearing each other down, no matter who you were, if you were American we would just build each other up. Most people would build everyone else up; it was like the Three Musketeers, we all benefited. More than that, when I was growing up the predominant idea was that we're all human on this planet and we all have beautiful dreams to fulfill; there's no need to make cliques. That was the big idea of the 90s. And they killed it. Antivaxxers killed it, as unpaid terrorists for furthering the goals of the Kremlin and Chinese government, and before that Boomers and bigots and George W. Bush and his money-hungry rich friends pimping out a twisted version of greed-laden racist "Christianity." Well, we can bring back good things, for everyone but the antivaxxers and their moronic brethren, we'll just have to leave them out. If we leave them behind this place will be great again. Make America Great Again. The fucking irony.

Hey Russians, Afghani, and Chinese people who want to immigrate here, we have plenty of people ruining this country who obviously don't like the way this country is and who are too lazy and entitled to work hard. We got job openings. We got colleges and perhaps scholarships. Actually everyone who wants to immigrate. Submit your application, many of the rest of us want you here. “There’s hundreds and thousands of Americans born everywhere around the world. They have just not come home yet “ If you don't want to move here, come visit when it's safe, or as a vaccine tourist. Consider this a formal invitation. You are welcome.

***FYI Apparently if you're in Japan, the trip here, vaccine in California, and trip back can take just 72 hours total. Reserve an appointment here and you should be set. Works for people from other countries too. Yes, people from Iran and Russia and China too, we don't care. You're doing us a favor, cause international travel means this germ won't be gone unless everyone gets the vaxx, and also these vaxxes will expire if they're not used. Spread the word.***

6+ years of work went into this website, especially screening thousands of library books to separate wheat from the chaff. Ultimate missions: make near-total self-sufficiency possible, promote freedom and democracy worldwide. I might not be able to help people attain physical freedom, but hopefully I can help free people's minds at least. If you want to support my work, here is where you can. Proceeds will go towards helping me buy stuff for my family's needs, and also getting a massive herb garden going so that I can experiment more. 15 years of herbal medicine experimentation on myself and my close family and friends, and counting!

7/19/22 Belated thank you to the two donors who sent me tips on the Neocities page. I appreciate you both.

12/5/22 This site now no longer accepts donations.

5/22/21 Because Feminism is a toxic doctrine that has become all sound and fury and no substance, aside from evil, here is a Women's Rights section that I made out of sheer spite. Because, dear TERFs, you just alienated a large cadre of people who were already on your (women's) side. Never let 'em tell you that spite isn't good fuel for positive change.

How to cope with heat Some tips for this summer

NEW 4/14/22 Least Worst Workplaces Under Construction: as a way to help assist people to find non-crap work and vote with work for what kind of companies you want to succeed.

NEW 3/27/22 Ways Israel can help Some ideas as to how Israel can assist with worldwide issues, from the outside looking in

Enough Already How to defeat QAnon, Fascism, and evil masquerading as good in the US 7/24/22 and an open letter to the people who I had to stop talking to permanently as a result of this shit

Fix Capitalism NEW: Specific ways to fix Capitalism, so fewer people decide Communism or pure Socialism is a "great idea"

Big Brain Time Information vaccination to reduce likelihood of killing oneself through stupidity or ignorance. A helpful resource for homeschool, CLEPing out of expensive college courses, and continuing education as an adult - currently under construction. 5/18/21 I have some books on order from the library that I am really excited about, especially some from book series that might cover every topic in K-12 and then some. Fingers crossed, this might work out by the end of summer. And then I'll get to finally learn for real all the crap they tried to teach me in school and be able to tell you these learning resources are for sure legit. However: me actually learning all this stuff should take me a year or two so don't be so sure I know what I'm talking about til then. Hell, even then.

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Taking Stock of 2020

Taking Stock of 2022 NEW: where I bitch about Communism and how it ruins everything, and cancel Feminism. It is my sincere hope that all who identify as female gain strength, freedom, and empowerment from this information.

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Beginner's Guide to Eating More Vegan Food

Various Rights Rights that make sense

Four Tiers of Eco Friendly Commitment, Part 1 This is one first step towards how to beat the crap out of dictators like Putin and Xi Jinping, and the human rights violations of multinational corporations and the uber rich. End fossil fuel dependence and you take away lots of their funding. Furthermore, go off grid and you eliminate their likelihood to charge you for necessities like water, electricity, and food. Ironic; it's like the Manhattan Project but instead of killing civilians scientists and nerds can now save the environment as well as engage in a softer form of warfare (economically).

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Eco-Friendly Stuff In order to end Russia's terrorism, the rest of the world needs to do an environmentally friendly "moon shot" so to speak. We can't decarbonize our footprint by 2030 and expect things to go well. We've got to speed it up so that the rest of the world manages to be 100% renewable energy based by, at the latest, 2024. And I think it's possible, but frankly, the stuff on this site isn't enough and I can't figure all of it out by myself. Scientists? Activists? Readers? You there?

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