Well, you did it, antivaxxers. The United States now has a culture and ethical values that match Israel's. 1 out of every 500 of us is now dead source and that matches up with Israel's little 'everyone in this country either lost someone directly to war or the Holocaust, or loves someone who lost someone' problem. We are now on constant alert against terrorism, everyone is now suffering from different degrees of PTSD, even the most pacifist person is now making plans for self-defense, and it is now a Spartan culture where people swear, drink, are rude, go to extremes, and have absolutely zero tolerance for bullshit. It's not the US anymore culturally, you can call it Israel 2. Congratulations. You know what this place used to be like? A place where instead of tearing each other down, no matter who you were, if you were American we would just build each other up. Most people would build everyone else up; it was like the Three Musketeers, we all benefited. And they killed it. Antivaxxers killed it. Well, we can bring it back, for everyone but the antivaxxers and their moronic brethren, we'll just have to leave them out. If we leave them behind this place will be great again. Make America Great Again. The fucking irony.

Hey Russians, Afghani, and Chinese people who want to immigrate here, we have plenty of people ruining this country who obviously don't like the way this country is and who are too lazy and entitled to work hard. We got job openings. We got colleges and perhaps scholarships. Actually everyone who wants to immigrate. Submit your application, many of the rest of us want you here. “There’s hundreds and thousands of Americans born everywhere around the world. They have just not come home yet “ If you don't want to move here, come visit when it's safe, or as a vaccine tourist. Consider this a formal invitation. You are welcome.

***FYI Apparently if you're in Japan, the trip here, vaccine in California, and trip back can take just 72 hours total. Reserve an appointment here and you should be set. Works for people from other countries too. You're doing us a favor, cause international travel means this germ won't be gone unless everyone gets the vaxx, and also these vaxxes will expire if they're not used. Spread the word.*** Inside and outside the United States, vote with your dollars: refuse to shop anywhere that the employees are not all vaccinated. Especially at veterinarians and healthcare clinics. Demand proof of vaccination by calling ahead before you show up. This isn't a fucking game.

Reddit thread of advice for helping people in Afghanistan LIRS Connect for people in the Fort Worth, Houston, Seattle/Tacoma, and DC MD VA area to directly help Afghani refugees, and for others in other areas to be on standby Importantly: talk to your boss about granting work visas to Afghani refugees. If you own a business, see about sponsoring an Afghani worker. Everyone can contact their elected representatives and demand to let in more Afghani refugees. These are only some ideas, see what you personally can do to help.

r/military pinned thread for active duty and veterans to help get people out of Afghanistan

6+ years of work went into this website, especially screening thousands of library books to separate wheat from the chaff. Ultimate missions: make near-total self-sufficiency possible, promote freedom and democracy worldwide. I might not be able to help people attain physical freedom, but hopefully I can help free people's minds at least. If you want to support my work, here is where you can.

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Enough Already How to defeat QAnon, Fascism, and evil masquerading as good in the US

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Yeah, our military really loves the January 6 insurrectionists and their kin. Image retrieved from here