Coronavirus safety

6/13/22 My ongoing mission is to ensure that I honor the innocent dead by preventing more innocent people from dying of coronavirus or other terrorism. Get vaxxed, do what you can to protect the elderly, immunocompromised, underprivileged, and 18-and-under, and you honor them also.

What's living with a chronic illness like? It's like this pandemic lack of opportunities, all your hopes and dreams shot to shit and your finances in the shitter too. A lousy, shitty, unrelenting situation that shows no signs of letting up. Except you're also in massive discomfort and/or extreme pain all the time and you usually have serious trouble moving. My point? in the next paragraph.

**Added 4/15/22: What's really baffling to me throughout this whole thing is the sense of entitlement people have for going outside, interacting with people in person, going to school and work via commute, living their "best life" despite the risk of spreading coronavirus to someone who can't vaxx due to medical reasons, and so on. Yeah, lockdown is bad but... I live like this? I've been living like this, more or less left to my own devices in a Norwegian-type prison of essentially living in three rooms most of the time because I am disabled and can't get on disability, and it's been like this for about 6 years now. You got a problem with doing that kind of thing for one month? Or even with being able to go outside in nature and socially distanced whenever you want but not interact with the public? I just can't relate.** If you do not wear a mask when you go outside, go to hell. If you refuse the vaxx, go to hell. If you do not social distance, go to hell. I just spent seven years fighting Lyme disease, in and out of emergency rooms and in constant amounts of pain, bedbound because exercise caused relapses, and spent a couple years when the pain was so bad I went nuts; a literal hell on Earth, only to have every doctor I saw tell me that I was perfectly healthy. It wasn't so long ago that I woke up, cried, ate one meal a day, showered once every two weeks, had to get carried to the bathroom, and considered suicide every night. I know what being gaslighted by the medical industry is and this is not it and I am not fucking amused.* Neither is most of the chronic illness community. Which nowadays also contains people with long covid. You can deal with a mask on your face. But if you can't, I hear that coronavirus sometimes surprisingly often source goes chronic and has similar symptoms to chronic Lyme so enjoy, I guess. Sure, the vaccine is spooky, whatever. I live every day in fear that I will have another pain spike, another episode of psychosis, another crazy symptom popping out of nowhere to torture me. Living in my body is like being a POW, in constant threat of extreme pain that arrives without warning or another day where I can't focus and don't feel like myself at all. Sometimes I wind up in the ER for some stupid reason, wondering if today's the day I finally kick the bucket. So I have no sympathy for anyone afraid of the vaccine. Two days of symptoms? Boo hoo motherfucker, try seven years, and my symptoms are far worse than yours would be. You're upset about cancel culture? I was canceled by the entire medical industry and almost died. You're sad about your freedoms? You do not have the right to murder a child with a deadly virus - children can't be vaxxed yet. You want to freak me out and think you're scary so you can power trip? You don't hold a candle to Lyme disease and you're pathetic. Hypothetical argument: Let's say you got a blood donation from me and therefore contracted this tick AIDS. Assault/felony for me and lifelong disability for you, it's the same thing as not wearing a mask or getting a vaccine. Go fuck yourself. Oh, and for you guys who are like "I trust my immune system" and "I've got a strong constitution" and all that? It may not happen today, it may not happen for a while. But eventually you WILL find yourself in some sort of poor health and serious health issues as you gradually age, unless you're not human. Time is not on your side. Therefore, perhaps you'd better take out some insurance to make sure things aren't unnecessarily shitty for you long term.

Science Daily Study in Switzerland details that of participants who tested positive for covid-19 in 2020, about 1/4 of them had symptoms of "long covid" at an average time of 7.2 months after testing positive.

The Neurological Manifestations of Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection Oh yeah, long covid exists. Here is one review of other studies (they are linked at the bottom of said review), and it is likely there will soon be more.

Study indicating the long term problems caused by long covid are actually worse than those caused by recovering from cancer, as reported by patients in a study of thousands of patients



Kidney failure in cats due to borrelia burgdorferi Matches up with dozens of patient anecdotes about kidney failure due to chronic Lyme disease. Doctors never mention it, and it is not in medical textbooks, but veterinarians are familiar with the problem, ergo, pets are treated better than humans with regards to this illness.

*Why would I trust the medical establishment after this? Because a. I am friends with a doctor who works in a hospital, and this doctor saved my life repeatedly, and b. every time I wound up in the ER I came out alive and unscathed because of the incredible amount of care and effort put into the work by those who worked there, and c. the gaslighting I endure as a result of Lyme disease is a result of insurance company and government collusion, see here: Hydra Protocol finally d. to be perfectly honest I don't trust regular doctors much because they tend to suck, but ER doctors go through hell on a daily basis and keep coming back, do their jobs professionally and work miracles... and they are the ones saying to beware of the coronavirus, so I listen