Hey, you "freedom" loving idiots. You want us pro-vaxxers to shut up? You want us to be just like you, or "normal," or whatever your tiny little hivemind brain thinks is a great idea? Get the picture. That is not freedom and we are more American than you will ever be. And do you know why? Because although we are legion we don't copypaste our words verbatim from one another. That's right. I actually managed to formulate this thought and write this sentence all by myself! Wow! By the way, the reason my formerly-Republican currently-Independent ass did not vote for Trump in the first place is because he said he would date his daughter. "As a joke" yeah okay keep telling yourself that. He fraternized with Epstein quite a bit too.

The question is simple. When terrorists bombed the Twin Towers, did we try to understand things from their point of view in order to keep the peace between us? Did we sympathize with their brainwashing and say that it wasn't really their fault and we needed to forgive them? Did we consider their extremist religious faith and conclude that they had a right to make their own decisions in the interests of freedom of personal choice? Did we decide to keep their rights intact? No? Then why are we doing the same to people who are willingly spreading a plague to children? Why are we doing the same to people who are keeping this plague going?

Reddit thread Here is how to become vaccinated as a teen behind your parents' backs. Stay healthy. Live a long and healthy life. Don't become a disabled cripple like me. Live.

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Donald J. Trump is MY PRESIDENT! Patriot

I Am The Storm, Tell Me How To Save The World

I don't have any toilet paper, tell me what to do

By using this site you certify that you are 18 years of age or older. If you are under 18 however I have a message for you. I'm a Millenial, and my generation has seen a lot, and a lot of my generation are listening to you. Please, speak up! We want to hear what you have to say! A lot of us are trying to make things better for you guys but we're out of touch, tell us what you need. You're the brains of this operation. Tell the public with any medium available to you and the message will reach those of us who give a damn. Directly tell trustworthy Millenials in person and online what you need; we can help you and a lot of us want to help you. One more thing. It took me 20 years to learn that the only way you stop bullies is to bully THEM. Give them an inch and they take a mile, then after they flatten you if you fail to stop them they go on to munch on more victims. If your bullying isn't effective enough, get better at bullying. It isn't the action that is necessarily wrong. It's the action plus the context. The challenge of course is to ensure you don't become like them. People who claim that revenge is unproductive have never seen criminals repeatedly commit the same crime because no one did anything. An Example Of Why Many Millenials Respect Gen Z

If covid is a hoax, then what is this guy doing? image source