6/27/23 A notice to readers of this website: psychic empathy is a real thing and I have it. Unfortunately, there is also such a thing as psychic rape, where one is forced to feel what others are feeling in an unhelpful manner. I have been dealing with this for several years and it has ruined my life at this point. You, and the world, have three months as of now to stop or I am pulling everything I ever put on the Internet down permanently. Ignorance of psychic rape is no longer an excuse. Don't deliberately or accidentally send your negative emotions where they do not belong. Do not spew hatred or negativity into the ether either to vent it or to make other people feel it with you. I will not be updating this site for the next three months. Whether it stays up after that is up to you.

8/19/23 I've stopped the destruction clock for this site. Most of the bad vibes crap actually has died down on more days than not, probably thanks to the hard work and effort of a lot of people worldwide (thanks!) and I have recently determined that the majority of the rest of this psychic garbage is deliberately coming from Russia, the Chinese Communist Party and its supporters, and other dictatorships and their sycophants, and aimed at anyone who is against Russia or other dictatorships. Fuck Russia. Fuck the Chinese Communist Party. Fuck supporters of dictatorships. Mind flaying has been considered a war crime for thousands of years and there is a reason why it's no longer done. (Mostly, religion, but that's another story) This site's staying up as long as Neocities is.

8/21/23 Apparently these same places are also using black magic now that they're starting to figure out the jig is up. Also, it seems they might be encouraging their citizens to join in, without the citizens even realizing what they're doing in a lot of cases. If you felt a 'something bad' in the wee hours of this morning and last night, that's an example of what it was and what it feels like. Hey Prayer Warriors, and every Occultist looking for some practice, you want a target? There it is. Knock yourselves out. Don't hurt the innocent; the threefold rule is real. 9/12/23 FYI this has affected my physical health too, and guess what? A lot of younger folks have the same problem. About two decades from now there will be evidence, plus a great deal of insight into who this happens to, how, and who is causing it. You heard it here first.

10/31/23 Status update: All that's still going on, for sure, just less of it. To paraphrase Arly Urmy with a very off-color joke, these people are violating empaths without the damn courtesy of a reacharound. If you think that you might have done this accidentally, or even on purpose, by spewing negativity everywhere or at complete strangers, you quite literally owe me (at least) and probably every other empath that picked up on your garbage. I'm talking you owe me and probably us big, I have medical bills that have racked up thanks to this and will now require several years of intense therapy, not to mention years of my life that are now gone that I'll never get back. I don't know how or if you can make it up to the others, but you can try to make it up to me by going green, planting trees, and not doing it ever again. However for some people there is literally nothing they can do to make it up to me or anyone ever. So if you don't know what I'm talking about and have never consciously or subconsciously wished or willed someone innocent ill or spewed bad emotions into the universe without even trying to keep it to yourself, count yourself lucky. 11/13/23 Want to help, but have no idea what I'm even talking about? No problem, switch everything in your life that you can from gasoline and fossil fuel power to electric power, ideally not mined from China. Russia is the worst offender here in terms of toxic crap they're spewing worldwide psychic wise and they get much of their money from fossil fuels. Also arms dealing.

11/1/23 I owe some people in Russia an apology. A very small minority that is. Not every single Russian is a horrible person, but a lot are. Probably most.

Good with computers? Apparently you might be able to help the Ukrainian government take on Russia. A lot of people are volunteering from home to help. Go for it fam

The stream of QAnon, antivaxx, and antimask misinformation mysteriously stopped when Russian tanks invaded Ukraine. Gosh, I wonder why that could be. Never let anyone forget. Here's the next move: Russia will amp up the far-left and convince them that Communism and newspeak is fantastic, plus whatever other misinformation will damage the US, and the far-left will be the next group to victimize us. Support Freedom of Speech. This site would not exist without it and neither would Neocities.

5/23/23 Putin's Witches image taken down. I think I made my point. Anyone doing black magic must die.

I did not think that I could laugh hysterically for five minutes straight about cancer. the comments section has proven me wrong


7/8/22 I have a question. Why is it that when someone says "I have Hepatitis C, and I am being taken care of by a good doctor" or tuberculosis, or fibromyalgia, or a visible disability, or herpes, or cancer, or bipolar disorder, or Lyme, or HIV, or some other wretched disease that is under control, they are discriminated against and treated like a leper, losing jobs, family, friends, love interests, and livelihoods, but when someone deliberately refuses to wear a mask, get vaccinated, or even stay at home with coronavirus and decides to be Patient Zero, the rest of the human race is just fine with it? Where is the discrimination for them?!

The question is simple. When terrorists bombed the Twin Towers, did we try to understand things from their point of view in order to keep the peace between us? Did we sympathize with their brainwashing and say that it wasn't really their fault and we needed to forgive them? Did we consider their extremist religious faith and conclude that they had a right to make their own decisions in the interests of freedom of personal choice? Did we decide to keep their rights intact? No? Then why are we doing the same to people who are willingly spreading a plague to children? Why are we doing the same to people who are keeping this plague going? Are doctors our cannon fodder? Are children? (i knew this would happen, fuck you negligent parents, fuck you sell-out CDC, fuck you antivaxxers, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you). I can tell you this much, the louder you are about your politics, the more likely it is that you should host a refugee family from Ukraine. Maybe then you'll fucking learn something. Put your money where your mouth is!

Although like most people I am deeply disturbed and also disappointed by the evil behavior of terrorist antivaxxers and antimaskers, I am even more disturbed by just about everyone else. The complacency is appalling. This is an act of war that has harmed children, and yet children are still being sent to school and allowed outside without masks just because the government and the CDC and both main political parties are saying it's okay? Essential workers and basically the entire medical profession are on the front lines of a biological war but people aren't fighting tooth and nail to put the people keeping the hospitals overflowing and the children at risk behind bars? We are still allowing these evil braindeads at our family gatherings, in our lives, and maskless in our businesses? You know what? Children on any side of the aisle are not your political pawns, and throwing them in a petri dish daycare known as public school and in a country where terrorists are tacitly encouraged to continue to be terrorists is convenient for parents now. But if they decide to go no contact when they hit 18 they will be fully justified in doing so. If they laugh at your constant "don't bully anyone" spiel while you let antimaskers throw a fit to any service worker just trying to get through the day, they will be fully justified in doing so. And if the entire medical profession and the entire cadre of essential workers who risk their lives day in and day out to provide us with garbage collection and food service and so on throws up its hands and says "I give up" to the general population, or decides to strike, you know what? Maybe we kind of deserve it. Can you really say you've done your part to protect them?

Reddit thread Here is how to become vaccinated as a teen behind your parents' backs. Stay healthy. Live a long and healthy life. Don't become a disabled cripple like me. Live.

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Donald J. Trump is MY PRESIDENT! Patriot

I Am The Storm, Tell Me How To Save The World

I don't have any toilet paper, tell me what to do

By using this site you certify that you are 18 years of age or older. If you are under 18 however I have a message for you. I'm a Millenial, and my generation has seen a lot, and a lot of my generation are listening to you. Please, speak up! We want to hear what you have to say! A lot of us are trying to make things better for you guys but we're out of touch, tell us what you need. You're the brains of this operation. Tell the public with any medium available to you and the message will reach those of us who give a damn. Directly tell trustworthy Millenials in person and online what you need; we can help you and a lot of us want to help you. One more thing. It took me 20 years to learn that the only way you stop bullies is to bully THEM. Give them an inch and they take a mile, then after they flatten you if you fail to stop them they go on to munch on more victims. If your bullying isn't effective enough, get better at bullying. It isn't the action that is necessarily wrong. It's the action plus the context. The challenge of course is to ensure you don't become like them. People who claim that revenge is unproductive have never seen criminals repeatedly commit the same crime because no one did anything. An Example Of Why Many Millenials Respect Gen Z

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