Hindsight Is... 2022 Edition

Since some really bad people decided to prolong the pandemic in the United States, the musings will continue until the pandemic ends. If you don't like it, blame them.

9/12/22 Boomer Archetypes - and no, this is not referring to the entire Baby Boomer age bracket. "Boomer" is an attitude, not an age, though it was coined based on the large amount of people acting like this within the Baby Boomer age bracket. Included here in the hopes no one innocent will ever have to go through being treated like this again.

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Versus Communism

Communism is by definition a system where the most unscrupulous, sociopathic people (read: evil people) gain the most benefits from it. Capitalism is by definition a system where the most greedy, money-hungry people for whatever reason gain the most benefits from it; they may or may not be evil. If Capitalism goes unregulated it becomes a de facto oligarchy or monarchy, which is what both the United States and Communism were created to get rid of in the first place. This has been demonstrated in various historic contexts.

VS Excessive Socialism

Couple random thoughts

VS Feminism, but not women's rights

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Notes on Communists and Socialists

Notes on The South 9/2/22, watch as I cancel Southern "culture"

Notes on mental health

8/28/22 A wonderful new definition for the Abortion Debate. You know how no one knows when exactly a fetus gains sentience because of the lack of scientific studies? I like to think of it as Schroedinger's Fetus. YOU ALIVE IN THERE BUDDY? (... I'll see myself out.)

A lot of younger folks are curious as to why on Earth Millenials are so damn angry. Same deal with Gen X and a lot of older people. Well that can be explained. Being Millenial is like this. The Millenial says "Hey, there's a big problem here, you all need to pay attention to this." World says: "Oh look, a whiny millenial. Time to ruin their life! :D :D :D" Millenial: "Okay fuck you." World, at that moment and then 10 years later when it is proven the Millenial was right:

6/10/22 come to think of it, regarding the Millenial nonsense, imagine being told growing up that yours is the generation that's going to save the world and solve all the problems in it, succeed, come out on top, live the American dream and all that. And then being given literally none of the tools required to make that happen. Getting praised all the time for not having done anything (participation trophies etc.) and being taught nothing, then the same generation doing the praising now scolding you for not knowing how to do anything and also beating you into "your place" for not having the tools. And being told to "pull yourself up by your bootstraps." What BOOTSTRAPS?! It took me twenty years to find all the stuff on this website! And I paid the price to find all this shit too, learning most of it the hard way, working myself sick countless times, winding up chronically ill partially due to burnout, and almost dying a lot. I can't even imagine what kind of sick twisted mindset would want to make a younger generation go through that. I really can't.

9/5/22 Despite a lot of memory problems, I still remember being super little in this country. Adults were kind to children then. They were tolerant, and I remember a lot of the teens and adults at the time patiently taught me and other little ones about the value of kindness, forbearance, patience, compassion. Really it was like having a bunch of aunties and uncles. I don't know what made the older generations into a new incarnation of sociopathic, heartless zombies. Far right or far left, both the same, both idolizing the destruction of everyone who isn't exactly like them. Even lead poisoning doesn't explain it. All I know for certain is that apparently my family went through something similar when the Nazis took over, several generations ago. Everyone over a certain age who believes in this is so proud of it somehow. So proud to be callous, cruel, even evil. At some point I think they'll try to persuade themselves and everyone else that they were just hoodwinked. I think we all know that they willingly went along with this. Forgive them? Ask the Germans how well that went with their older generations who once believed in Hitler.

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